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Inhibitor of atmospheric corrosion «FMT»


For "temporary" protection against atmospheric corrosion of products and designs from a steel for inter operational storage and transportation in moderate environmental conditions, including the conservation of the oil refining equipment. Protects products from bio-damages by prevention of  suppression of growth of the most widespread kinds of moldy mushrooms.


The basic characteristics:

Represents a liquid vegetative green colored product on the basis of fat acids of tall oils, modified by chlorophyll derivatives. Perfectly compatible with any basis of preservative – mineral oils (including fulfilled), organic solvents, water. It is safe.


Conditions of application and quantity of the inhibitor:

In the form of 1-3 %-s additives to mineral oils and fuels (diesel, jet, kerosene, petrol); in the form of 1-5 %-s alkaline water emulsions.Protection term at use of water emulsions makes from 1 till 3 months (inter operational protection). At use of organic bases to 1.5 - 3 years (depending on concentration of an inhibitor, constructive fulfillment, a way of application, packing and storage conditions at preservation).