Inhibitor of atmospheric corrosion «N-M-1»


For protection against atmospheric corrosion of items from black and nonferrous metals at preservation, storage, operation and transportation in various environmental conditions (continental, sea, tropical, Arctic), and also for protection against corrosion during washing and drying products. Protects products from biodamages by suppressing the growth of the most widespread kinds of mouldy mushrooms.

The basic characteristics:

Represents a solid product –adduct of synthetic fat acid fraction С1016 and cyclic amine. Protects a steel, pig-iron, zinc, nickel, chrome, aluminum, copper and its alloys. Solubility (Wt% at +25 оС): in water to 3; in gasoline to 80; in industrial oils more than 3.

Conditions of application and quantity of the inhibitor:

In 5 - 10 % solutions in volatile solvents (gasoline, ethanol); in 1 - 3 % solutions in water; as additives for mineral oils and fuels (diesel, jet, kerosene), rust converters, washing-up liquids in an amount of 0,1 - 3 %. Protection term at use of water solutions from 3 till 6 months; at use of other kinds of bases – from 1 till 5 years (depending on a design, a method of application, packaging and storage conditions at preservation).