«CTG» is constantly expanding its presence in the market segment and now offers innovative designs, intended to ensure environmental safety, resource conservation, energy efficiency and safety of your company, including:


  • high-performance cleaning (washing, degreasing, flushing) of contaminated solid surfaces
  • de-icing processing of hard surfaces
  • energy efficient lighting and fuel processing 
  • paint coatings
  • highly reliable non-destructive control
  • conversion of natural gas
  • destruction of liquid toxic wastes
  • recycling of carbon isotope
  • complex equipment for high-performance cleaning of contaminated hard surfaces, air and water
  • complex equipment for de-icing processing of hard surfaces
  • energy-efficient lighting and fuel processing systems
  • highly reliable smart systems of non-destructive control 
  • additional and service equipment
  • self-cleaning technical detergents O-BIS series
  • chemical rust transducer NOTECH
  • atmospheric corrosion inhibitor N-M-1
  • corrosion inhibitor FMT
  • preproject works
  • development of subsection Process engineering solutions (IOS code) of project documentation
  • development of Production technology section (TX brand) of design documentation
  • development of Automation of technology processes section (ATCh brand) of design documentation
  • development of Communication Technology section (TC brand) of design documentation
  • field supervision
  • designing of parts, components, machines and mechanisms
  • development of working design documentation (WDD)
  • development of operational documentation (OD)