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One of the key elements of the proposed technologies are technical powdered detergents of the «O-BIS» series (RF Patent № 2169175), awarded the Diploma of the Program ”100 best goods of Russia”.

Next-generation technical detergents of the «O-BIS»  series (non-waste, inhibiting, self-cleaning scourers) are used for cleaning (scouring, degreasing) of solid surfaces from contamination.

These detergents are the first to achieve a combination of scouring, inhibiting, and demulsifying properties, which sets them fundamentally apart from other more traditional detergents.

Detergency effectiveness of aqueous solutions of the «O-BIS»  series 
In contrast to the traditional detergents, that dissolve and emulsify hydrocarbon compounds, the aqueous solutions of «O-BIS» tear off this pollution, dampen the solid surface and, due to the interaction of ”competing“ forces of surface tension, "win it away" from the pollutant. Temperature sufficient for the effective operation of the solution is well below the traditional one, and ranges between 45 ... 55 oC. Only high-viscosity lubricants or oils require a slight increase in temperature.

Schematically, the principle is as follows:



Hydrocarbon-contaminated surface

As a result of the physical effect of detergent solution on the surface worked, microcracks appear in the pollution. Due to the low surface tension, the aqueous solution of "O-BIS" actually penetrates through them. 

The solution is concentrated in the cavities formed between the surface worked and the hydrocarbon, creating a «wedging effect», and removing the hydrocarbons from the surface.
As a result, the surface becomes clean, without residual hydrocarbon.


Clean surface



Demulsifying ability of the detergents of the «O-BIS» series is the reason for doing the washing in a closed, no-drainage mode, since the contaminated working solution divides after washing into suspended solid particles, hydrocarbons washed out, and the washing solution, which can, therefore, be reused many times.



The following modification of technical detergents of «O-BIS» series are offered:

Alkaline (powdered), with high detergency, demulsifying and inhibitory abilities:

Technical powdered detergents "O-BIS" (scouring, self-cleaning, waste-free   inhibitor) are available in 35 kg polypropylene bags with polyethylene liner.

TOR 2389-005-72489136-2007.

Intended use: cleaning the surface of parts, components, machinery, equipment and storage tanks for petroleum products, lubricants, greases, oils of vegetable or animal origin, and other liquid hydrocarbons.



Technical powdered detergent «O-BISM» (waste-free, scouring, self-cleaning, multifunctional inhibitor) are available in 35 kg polypropylene bags with polyethylene liner, as well as in 15 kg buckets. It has a higher washing capacity and lower foam production compared to the TPD «O-BIS».

TOR 2389-005-72489136-2007. 

Intended use: cleaning the surface of elements, components, machinery, equipment and storage tanks for petroleum products, lubricants, greases, oils of vegetable or animal origin, and other liquid hydrocarbons. 



Acidic (liquid concentrates):

Technical liquid detergents «O-BISK» are supplied in 200 kg drums.

TOR 2383-023-72489136-2007.

Intended use: the removal of complex integrated pollution (oil, grease, soot, rust, dross) from the exterior surfaces of transportation vehicles and industrial equipment.





Alkaline and acidic technical detergents (TD) of the «O-BIS» series are protected by the invention patent № 2169175 as of 17.12.1999. However the analysis of the TD market has revealed that there are 7 or 8 plants in Russia which produce unlicensed TD of the «O-BIS» series . Such state of affairs shows considerable demand and high competitive performance of the TD. Against this background we cannot but be proud of such success of our products, however we must warn the potential consumers of the «O-BIS» series TD  that the sole manufacturer of the TD are the «CTG»  group of companies.

We shall take all possible legal measures against the suppliers and buyers of the counterfeit goods to protect our intellectual property rights.