[18.08.2011]  Info on sales of detergents

Between 01.08. on 18.08.2011, were carried out routine delivery SMTP "O-BIS" SMTP "O-BISM" for our partners in the town of Valga (Estonia), Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg, Perm.

In the process of signing a contract for our company design work on the construction of the object of washing the complex to subway trains in St. Petersburg.

"CTG" успешно прошла ресертификацию на соответствие требованиям ГОСТРИСО 9001:2008.

Has signed a contract with our partners in Tatarstan for the supply of technological equipment washing and recirculation plants for treatment of boilers-wagons from the oil.

[10.08.2011]  A new admission SRO Ltd.

"Innovation - XXI" in the "CTG"has been tested SRO SPE "Soyuzpetrostroyproekt" and confirmed their qualification within the tolerances obtained for design works.

During the period from 01.07.on 29.7.2011, were carried out routine delivery SMTP "O-BIS", SMTP "O-BISM" for our partners in the city of Volgograd, Moscow, Omsk, Orenburg, Saratov, St. Petersburg, Tula, Ukhta, etc.

Tools for non-destructive testing of laser complex "ICH" and laser center "SCS" produced "CTG", tested in the Department of Technical Policy of JSC "RZD" and registered in the Register of measuring instruments approved for use in the JSC "RZD"

July 6-10, 2011 in St. Petersburg, "CTG" plans to participate in the VII International Science and Technology Conference «Rolling stock XXI centuries».

In the final stages of agreement is a contract for design work "Item heating viscous oil"

On "search controls system" ("SCS") has received a certificate of conformance system of voluntary certification of nondestructive testing.