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Paint coating technologies

Preparation of metal surfaces is extremely important and the most costly step of coating technology. We have developed methods to provide the highest quality of surface preparation at minimal cost.

The most promising are hybrid methods involving chemical cleanup instead of blasting up to Sa2, 5 (ISO 8501-01). Provided that it is possible chemical preparation with the following stages:

de-oiling of water surface with solution «O-BISM»

phosphating metal chemical rust transducer «NOTEH»,

priming without cleaning with water of rust transducer.        

Preliminary mechanical methods of cleanup up St2 may be used. In conjunction with NOTEH, the result is close to the ideal preparation up to Sa2.5 degree.

 The advantages of this technology are:         

  •  no abrasive dust, toxic old paint coatings, etc.,
  •  simplification of works and their reduced cost,
  •  increased service life of the coating by 1.5 -2 times by suppressing underfilm corrosion under a coat of paint,
  •  reduced risk of occupational diseases (silicosis, allergic reactions).   

 Also,  alkaline cleaning from oil contamination may be carried out using technical detergent «O-BISM»  in 2-3% concentration in water at T = 45-55° C. This technology is widely used in various industries. Standard cleaning composition can be converted if necessary in detergent-preserving by adding to «O-BISM» solution of corrosion inhibitor FMT. When FMT concentration is only 1% of solution after equipment cleaning completion its preservation will be ensured, that is, complete avoidance of corrosion processes for a long period of time.