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[25.11.2011] Information on sales of detergents

For the period from 14.11. on 25.11.2011, the plan was implemented SMTP delivery "O-BIS," SMTP "O-BISM" our partners in the cities of Ukhta, Ryazan, Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg, Shumikha (Kurgan region), Orsk, Moscow, including JSC "RZD".

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[24.11.2011] Modernization "Antil"

Specialists "CTG" completed commissioning of the upgraded complex de-icing treatment undercarriage of the rolling stock "Antil", introducing our company to st. Moscow Tovarnaya.

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[23.11.2011] Shipment "SCS"

In the Address of our partners in Irkutsk shipment carried a second "Search Control System" ("SCS").

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[22.11.2011] Cleaning for subway cars

Specialists for the underground "CTG" project carried out through technological solutions for cleaning subway cars.

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[29.08.2011] Commissioning equipment washing and recirculation station

Was put into operation a mobile washing complex modular, manufactured, delivered and launched into operation by specialists «CTG» our partners in the city of Perm.

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[25.08.2011] Info on sales of detergents

Between18.08. on 25.08.2011.were carried out routine delivery SMTP "O-BIS" SMTP "O-BISM" for our partners in the town of Orenburg, St. Petersburg.

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[24.08.2011] New product catalog

Is being prepared for release of the third edition of the catalog of products of "CTG". The catalog will be posted on our website 29.09.2011.

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[23.08.2011] Exhibition in Shcherbinka

Invite you to visit our booth at «III International Railway Show" Expo 1520". The exhibition is 07/10 in September 2011 in Scherbinka (Moscow region). Exhibition Stand "CTG" is located in Hall number 1, place A 01/1. Participation in all matters, please contact the Executive Directorate in "CTG" +7 (812) 224-41-03.

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[18.08.2011] Info on sales of detergents

Between 01.08. on 18.08.2011, were carried out routine delivery SMTP "O-BIS" SMTP "O-BISM" for our partners in the town of Valga (Estonia), Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg, Perm.

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[17.08.2011] Design for cleaning subway cars

In the process of signing a contract for our company design work on the construction of the object of washing the complex to subway trains in St. Petersburg.

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